Transparent Adhesive Tattoo Bandages


Medical-grade self-adhesive bandages for tattoos. These bandages imitate skin and let the tattoo breathe and retain the right amount of moisture. They block out germs, bacteria, and other contaminants while protecting against abrasion. Sleep, work, shower, and live your life worry-free while healing a fresh tattoo.

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Effortlessly heal with a medical-grade bandage made specifically for tattoos. Our tattoo bandages are secure without being too hard to remove or leaving an adhesive residue, which can irritate the tattoo.

Black Market’s transparent adhesive tattoo bandages mimic skin, letting your healing tattoo breathe while forming a protective barrier against irritants, water, dirt, germs, harmful bacteria, and other contaminants. Shower, work, and go about your day comfortable and worry-free as your tattoo heals.

This design ensures retention of the ideal amount of moisture, letting your body’s own healing processes and enzymes work without interference. Made for standalone use or in conjunction with a healing balm like our organic-certified Ink Rx, you can apply a thin layer of healing salve that will last without worrying about it picking up germs and other contaminants.

The bandage is made from the same cutting-edge material used in surgery and by EMS and other rescue services as wound dressings for field trauma. These tattoo dressings are hypoallergenic and effective for the vast majority of skin types, even very sensitive skin. By imitating a fresh layer of skin and blocking out contaminants, the bandage signals to your body that the ink is not a contaminant and that it is protected to finish healing the damaged layers of skin, rather than fighting off invaders.

Get Black Market’s transparent adhesive tattoo bandages, which are simple to use and produce unparalleled results, for a flawlessly healed tattoo.