Black Market Organic tattoo care products use only the finest organic ingredients, specifically selected for their use in healing fresh tattoos quickly and with maximum vibrancy.


The ingredients for our salve base are ethically sourced and certified contaminant free. We grow the herbs for our healing herb infusion at our organic farm in Duvall, WA, a property with a X-year organic farming history prior to our use.

Proven Healing Traditions

All the ingredients in our healing formulas have an extensive history of use in traditional healing and proven efficacy for use in topical healing. We believe in both tradition and progress, the power of heritage healing and the power of science to validate what works and what does not. We rigorously scrutinize ingredients for efficacy and document the reasons for including them in our formulas.


We are USDA organic certified.

Petroleum Free

Black Market products are completely free of petroleum. While some say that petroleum products like Aquaphor or A&D make the skin feel better, they do nothing to actually heal the skin. In fact, petroleum jelly can slow the healing process, cause breakouts, and fade the ink before it sets.

A Simple, 2-Ingredient Organic Salve and Base


Beeswax serves several functions for freshly tattooed skin, as a protectant that accelerates healing and helps retain ink while preventing bacterial infection. With anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, it provides protection on several fronts. It also acts as a surfactant when combined with olive oil, forming a protective barrier against irritants while still letting the skin breathe. With emollient and humectant properties, beeswax keeps tattoo ink concentrated in the top layers of skin while protection from leaching through abrasion or other contact.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil serves as a strong complement to the healing effects of beeswax, by thinning the salve for easy spreading and through complementary healing compounds and actions. It contains 3 major antioxidants, including vitamin E, which creates a powerful hydrating and soothing effect when combined with the vitamin A in beeswax. This hydrating effect also helps the skin breathe and prevents clogging of pores, allowing each of the cleansing and healing compounds to deeply penetrate throughout the abraded skin.

Healing Herb Infusion


Yarrow has a long history of use for treatment of wounds. Legend has is that Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) was taken into battle by Achilles to stop the bleeding in his soldiers’ wounds. It is known to have hemostatic properties, meaning it does staunch bleeding and cause vasoconstriction. Hemostasis is the first step in wound healing.


Comfrey also has a long history of use in topical treatment of wounds, going back at least as far as first century Rome. While both Comfrey and Yarrow contain compounds that overlap healing functions with each other and with olive oil and beeswax, the most profound healing effects of Comfrey come from allantoin. Allantoin fosters new cell growth and is credited with with encouraging skin, bone, cartilage, and muscle cells to grow.