Crowdfunding: Help us Get Certified USDA Organic

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Rolling out a certified 100% organic product requires air-tight production and sourcing that meets all standards for the USDA label. It also have to pay about $6,000 to a certification agent who reviews our business processes ahead of earning the “100% organic” label.

We have a business plan, suppliers, packaging, and two products in production. We’re wrapping up production of an online store plus free resources on healthy tattooing and how to run a successful tattoo artist business. We just need to get certified and obtain funds for our first year of cultivation on the new Black Market Organic Farm in Duval, Washington. That’s where you come in.

How does your support help?

USDA Organic Certification + Mass Production: $7,750

We want to let our communities get involved. Help us take action toward healthier tattooing by crowdfunding the cost of our farm certified USDA organics and start mass production.

What do you get in return?