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We have a special Kickstarter reward for artists, shops, and other businesses.

Get Google AdWords search engine ads, cross-platform Facebook and Instagram ads, or both!

Work with our friend Brandon McPeak, Idea Man of Action, who built our web site and helps us with marketing.

Campaigns will use a mix of standard targeting (search terms on Google and interests on Facebook and Instagram) and retargeting. Retargeting ads show special messaging to people who have already visited your site, but may not have scheduled a tattoo.

Each Ad Package is a

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Testimonial from Tattoo Artist Cory James

Brandon has been a huge help with my business. The increase in appointments from advertising on Google and Facebook has helped me get more clients, raise my rates, and open my own studio. Cory James, Tattoo Artist in Austin, TX

Cory’s Results

Appointments Booked from Google Ads in 2017

Of Site Visitors Reach Out to Get a Tattoo

Spent Per Ad-Sourced Appointment

Average Tattoo Price

Revenue Per Tattoo After Ad Cost

The Advertising Packages

Google Search Engine Ads

Get Three Google Search Campaigns:

  • Location-Based Campaign

    Get a local AdWords campaign targeting 20 searches related to “tattoo artists in [your area]”, with five versions that will be tested to find the top performer

  • Tattoo-Style-Based Campaign

    Get a campaign targeting searches in your region or country around your specific style, like “best [black and grey/portrait/neo-traditional/etc.] tattoo artists”

  • Search Remarketing

    Get a Search Remarketing campaign covering all of the above and a broader set of tattoo-artist-related searches that will show search ads to people who have already visited your site (any time over the last year), reminding them about you and why they should book with you.

These details are flexible! We can create any three optimized AdWords search campaigns that make sense for you.

Whether you’re a tattoo artist, shop, or owner of a different type of business, we’ll make this work for you!

Example AdWords Ad:

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Advertise to Tattoo Fans and Retarget Your Own Site Visitors:

  • Tattoo Enthusiast Campaign

    Target tattoo enthusiasts in your area, directing them to your portfolio page.

  • No-Contact Retargeting Campaign

    Retarget your site visitors over the last two months who didn’t contact you, directing people to your contact page.

  • Repeat-Buyer Retargeting Campaign

    Retarget all site visitors over the last year who did contact you, directing them to your portfolio page; it’s easier to re-sell to existing customers than to sell to a new one! This will encourage repeat business.

Each ad group will utilize Facebook’s new “Dynamic Creative” feature. This mixes and matches images, headlines, descriptions, etc. to find the best-performing variation.

I will come up with five images total, used across all ad groups, and five unique variations of all text variables for each ad group.

You can revise these before go live, so the message matches your brand.

Example Facebook ad:

Both Packages Include:

  • Google Analytics Configuration with Conversion Tracking

  • Ad Platform Conversion Tracking (To See What's Working and What's Not)

  • Review Your Site for Ease of Conversion, with Tips for Improvement

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($1,200 value)
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($2,400 value)